Keeping our waters clean

It’s not typical to see dozens of masked men and women walking into the ocean. But word was out to local divers it was time to clean up the water under the Deerfield Beach fishing pier and they showed up in force.





This older gentleman donned his gear to help.


Thankful to be part of a community that cares about our water and puts their caring into action. Well done South Florida.

Long May She Wave

low pov flag.jpg

This flag stands in a Virginia cemetery with simple markers on the graves of soldiers who fought in our Civil War. A war that divided our country yet, a country that reconciled and is still reconciling.

sailboat flag.jpg

Flags wave from boats in our South Florida. Some bearing the country where the boat is registered but the colors fly in the breeze, a testament to democracy.

US flag.jpg

flags at Shelby Farms framed.jpg

This is one row of flags that numbered over 2000, planted in Shelby Farms in Memphis, TN in remembrance of those lost in the attacks against our country on September 11, 2001. The most horrific of tragedies reminded us of the gift of freedom we have in this imperfect country of ours.

Our politics and religion may differ, but we have the freedom to express both. A freedom fought for and preserved by brave men and women. It’s with gratitude we remember them.


Downtown Memphis, Tennessee

A business trip took us to Memphis, TN where we stayed at the famed Peabody Hotel, known for the daily duck walk. The hotel is a landmark of Memphis dating back to the early 1900’s. It’s location is perfect to get the flavor of Memphis. And the flavor is decidedly bar-b-q and sweet tea.

Duck walk at the Peabody Hotel
Much of the hotel’s history is on display.
A nod to Elvis

The Peabody also is home of Lansky’s men’s wear where Elvis is known to have been a regular customer.

Mural inside Central Bar-b-q
Music history in a mural

The hotel is in easy walking distance to Beale Street known as home of the blues. It’s a bit tacky for my taste as it caters to the tourist. This trip we found plenty of places to eat and visit without stopping at the touristy haunts on Beale Street.

Memphis is on the east edge of the Mississippi River dividing it from Arkansas. The river is still a waterway for shipping.

sun setting over the Mississippi

Featured in the movie, The Firm, based on John Grisham’s book by the same name.
building mural in downtown Memphis

The city appears in many of John Grisham’s novels and was featured in the movie adapted from his book The Firm. It’s an old city with a history of hatred, bigotry and hard times. Once the cotton capitol of the world, hard times came to this city that’s perhaps more remembered as the city where Marin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed.

I’ll focus on our visit to the Civil Rights Museum in a future post.

Memphis is trying to focus on its strengths which seem to be a strong arts community. Home of Stax and Sun music studios you’ll still find vibrant music in restaurants and club along Beale street, colorful murals on the old buildings downtown and artists communities in the midtown.

Threads of time

There was a time when I spent sewing. Clothes for my infant daughter, wall hangings for her room, matching outfits for my toddlers. I cross-stitched, embroidered and quilted.


tote spools of thread.jpg

mini spools on linen

I’m not sure what the idiom ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ means but stitching brought moments of quiet focus.

All photos are mine and use without permission is restricted. Thank you.

Fading flowers


The sun sets earlier, the days start to cool even in South Florida. The blooms on the sunflowers have faded and their heads start to droop. Still, they brighten my day.