Long May She Wave

low pov flag.jpg

This flag stands in a Virginia cemetery with simple markers on the graves of soldiers who fought in our Civil War. A war that divided our country yet, a country that reconciled and is still reconciling.

sailboat flag.jpg

Flags wave from boats in our South Florida. Some bearing the country where the boat is registered but the colors fly in the breeze, a testament to democracy.

US flag.jpg

flags at Shelby Farms framed.jpg

This is one row of flags that numbered over 2000, planted in Shelby Farms in Memphis, TN in remembrance of those lost in the attacks against our country on September 11, 2001. The most horrific of tragedies reminded us of the gift of freedom we have in this imperfect country of ours.

Our politics and religion may differ, but we have the freedom to express both. A freedom fought for and preserved by brave men and women. It’s with gratitude we remember them.



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