Yakima Valley

The maternal side of my family lives in the Yakima valley area of Washington state. These were taken the last time I was there in August which was about two years ago.






This area is thriving with vineyards in the past few years. These pictures were taken at the White House in Yakima restaurant. A quaint little spot in an old house serving up deliciously fresh eats.



Yakima 4779



3 thoughts on “Yakima Valley

  1. Hi Debby! I had no idea you had some roots in Yakima–I’m in the north Seattle area (since 1967). Next time you’re over here, I’d love to hear from you (or see you, if you have any time). God bless you.

    1. How about that? My mom has lived there many years, but I never have. I was there last November but just a day. Mom is actually in Prosser now and we flew right into there. But, you never know what lies ahead. Good to know you’re in that area. From the little I’ve seen on my few visits, your area is prettier than Yakima. Bare mountains! Henry was so disappointed on his first trip. Thanks for letting me know Caddo.

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