Every year we head up for a week in North Carolina. It’s usually a nice break from the S Florida heat and humidity. We were not let down this year as the early morning was cool to us Floridians.

This year, we decided to take a few country roads for a photo excursion. We love the tropical beauty of Fort Lauderdale, our hometown, but the beauty in the Smoky Mountains is also a lovely display of God’s artistry.








I was on the lookout for barns. Most of what we saw were quite weathered and more than a couple looked as if they’re no longer in use. But they made useful subjects for our Nikon.


Butterflies and Bees

around the lake

We spend a week in the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina every August. This year the butterflies were in abundance. They are much bigger and more colorful than the small, monochromatic ones we see in South Florida.

around the lake  on flowers

flowers 6000

This bold orange flower was along the street in the tiny town of Sylva, North Carolina.

on flip flop

Apparently, butterflies are attracted to more than flowers. This one was on a flip-flop left on a tree stump at Sliding Rock. The ones below were attracted to something on the ground near Looking Glass Falls. There were as many as 10 at one time in this spot.

sliding rock and looking glass falls

A lucky shot of the bee flying over the flowers.

around the lake


Yakima Valley

The maternal side of my family lives in the Yakima valley area of Washington state. These were taken the last time I was there in August which was about two years ago.






This area is thriving with vineyards in the past few years. These pictures were taken at the White House in Yakima restaurant. A quaint little spot in an old house serving up deliciously fresh eats.



Yakima 4779