May Flowers

snow on mtn

Last spring I visited my sister in Yakima, WA. Most people think all of Washington state is like Seattle. It’s not. At all.

The Cascade mountains divide the state. On the western side, the mountains are covered with evergreens. The climate in Seattle is more temperate without the extremes of the eastern part of the state.

Both sides of the mountains produce beautiful flowers. These photos were taken walking through my sister’s neighborhood.

3 tulips


It seemed every street was lined with Dogwood trees that were in full bloom.

white dogwood B

garden flowers

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Seaside, Florida


Tucked between Pensacola and Panama City, Florida is the tiny burg of Seaside. It’s most famous for being featured in the 1998 movie, The Truman Show.

It’s a planned community with houses squeezed together a stone’s throw from the Gulf of Mexico. A town circle has shops catering to tourists and residents alike. It’s quaint and clean. And in the summer months, it’s not even crowded.