Laundry and Laughter


Granny had the clothespins in the pockets of her apron. They were handy to grab with one hand while her other hand held the corner of the sheet to the clothesline. I never knew her to have a clothes dryer.

I can’t imagine standing in the summer heat to hang laundry these days. I’m thankful for the convenience of our washer and dryer. Though there was something about the fresh smell of clothes dried in the sun.

For now I’ll enjoy the memories of long ago days standing next to granny in her small patch of backyard. Of running between the sheets as the wind blew them about and hearing her give in to laughter at the display of it all.

Whatever granny did there would be laughter. A precious gift easily shared.


All photographs are the property of Debby Hudson and may not be used without permission. 

The Fruits of Summer

Photo by Debby Hudson, Creative – available as a free download on Unsplash

Summer is when the market is bursting with all the summer fruits: berries of every kind, watermelon is ripe and pineapples are crowned with sweetness. I’ve been searching for sweet peaches but keep coming with ones that have a tart edge. Good for smoothies I figure.

Summer seems to bring childhood memories of picnics where we’d spread one of Granny’s quilts on the ground or, if we got to the park early enough, over a concrete picnic table. There was always watermelon. I don’t know if it was because we all liked it or it was the easiest to carry and cut when we were ready to eat it.

This photo of a simple bowl of fruit sitting on a quilt brings to mind the figurative fruit of summer: family. We’ll be gathering again as we do every August up in the Carolina mountains. Every year there are six the same with different auxiliary players year to year. We make room and welcome them all.

We will go to the same diner for Sunday breakfast, the same orchard to order pies and apple loaf. We will walk the same lake and take in the same scenery. We take comfort in how the familiar welcomes us.

Some will stay the week and others a few days but our time is sweet with laughter and warm with indescribable affection for each other.

“I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this.” – Susan Branch


Lessons from Tulips

tulips on bowl-B

Tulips! I love watching them stretch and bend. As I pulled the purple ones out of the bouquet petals started to fall. I scooped them into this old bowl and laid a couple survivors across the top. It’s as if they’re protecting the fragile parts.

And I love the light on the edges, seemingly outlining the tulip. The tired shielded by the strong.

There are always lessons in creation.

You can find free download of some of my photography on Unsplash and Pixabay.